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I'm Resistant
I'm Lightweight.

I weigh around 650-750 kg/m3. Compared to normal clay bricks, that is 3 times lighter! Lesser weight means lesser load on building, which means lesser reinforcement required, which means you save A LOT of money on the whole construction.

I'm resistant to fire, moisture, pest, mold, and most of all, earthquakes. Research engineers have proven that using me in your building will reduce life risks during a massive earthquake event by 4 times. And when it comes to fires, I can stand it for more than 6 hours whereas my much used cousin, clay brick, can only stand 2 hours. 

My large size means laborers can work faster and build those walls in lesser time. Plus, unlike bricks, I can be sawed, drilled and worked on like wood. I use less mortar to be installed because my sizes are always same and i have lesser joints. And did I not mention that you will also save money in plaster. 



I can protect you from the harsh weather outside. I can save you money while you switch on that AC; weather outside will always be kept outside. 

I'm Faster during Installation
I'm an Insulator

AAC Benefits


AAC is currently one of the most used construction material in Asia and Europe. Humans have used clay bricks since 3000 B.C. but now the time has come to change and we dont just change unless the product is really really good, which it is.

Unlike bricks, I don't release harmful gases during my production. I am made of waste material from thermal plants. I require the least amount of energy to be produced among other construction materials as well.


Dont wait, just ask a quotation.


I can drastically reduce outdoor noise entering your home. In the same way, I can help homely discussions stay at home. I make sure your neighbors dont know whats happening in your home!

I'm Eco-Friendly
I'm a Sound Barrier